I can sale all materials related to construction or renovation of a house. As well as decorative objects (e.g. lights, garden equipment) that I no longer use and that are still in good condition so that another person can benefit from them.

No glass or plastic bottles, no cardboard, no clothes, no household appliances, no leisure equipment (e.g. bicycles, toys, etc.) no vehicles spare parts.

Why? There are already solutions in Mauritius for these materials. Here are some examples to guide you:

Zero Waste Mauritius map : https://www.facebook.com/yesnosolutionsmauritius/photos/a.104317248489192/104316545155929

It is free if I am an individual, I just need to open an account. Here is the link to register https://marketplace.ladecheteque.mu/customer/register

If I am a company, an annual membership is required as well as the signature of an NDA.

The market place La Déchetèque.mu takes 20% commission on the sales, needed to run the service. It is included in the price. The seller will bear the bank commission charge for card payments if any. The bank transfer is free of charge.

Once La Déchetèque.mu receives the payment from the buyer, the buyer has picked up his product, you have validated the pickup on your seller profile, you will receive the amount of the sale on your bank account, minus the commission of La Déchetèque.mu. (20%)

Thanks to MIPS online payment platform, all transactions are secure.

The personal data you provide to La Déchetèque.mu. are confidential.

The personal data you provide to la Déchetèque.mu are confidential. You can find all our general conditions here -> https://ladecheteque.mu/cgv/

Of course, if I change my mind, I can remove my product. I simply go to my profile and remove it. Of course only if there is no order already pending on this object.

We don’t have any premises; the products are located at the seller’s premises. You will be given the seller’s contact details once the order has been placed.

If  you are a seller, we propose you to post a price between 50-80% of the new purchase price . La Déchetèque.mu does not impose any price range but suggests that it corresponds to the local second-hand market and that it is reasonable to attract the potential buyer.

You can find all details about uploading a product on this video -> https://ladecheteque.mu/utilisation-de-la-plateforme/?lang=en

Check all the steps to upload a product here -> https://ladecheteque.mu/utilisation-de-la-plateforme/?lang=en

For your product to be well presented, and inspire the potential client to buy.

The picture: this is the first thing that attracts a buyer, so it must be as clear as possible and you can add as many photos as you want to show several angles. Check the size allowed before download your photo ( 800×800)

The weight: to let the buyer know what arrangements to make when they come to pick up the material. AND because you are participating in the circular economy it is important to have data to value the amount of waste avoided.

The size: in order to tell the buyer what kind of transport he has to foresee to get the product he has ordered.

The inventory: to keep the quantity available up to date to avoid disappointment for the customer.

La Déchétèque.mu is a platform that brings together waste’s holders  (e.g. professionals in the construction and real estate industries, ther industries, or individuals) and reusers.

We act within the framework of the circular economy, by becoming a buyer or seller with us, you become a responsible buyer, or consom’actor and thus avoid the production of waste on our island.

Our platform has many advantages:

  • I save money.  2nd hand Materials are between 50% and 80% cheaper than new.
  • I choose an easy and quick search for my needed material
  • I save time : a single online location, a showcase of available materials
  • I valorise my resources by selling them, I have financial gain instead of throwing them away
  • I reduce my carbon foot print
  • I reduce extraction of raw materials
  • I avoid polution

For companies, we offer a complete range of services: support in the circular economy approach, waste management, resource diagnosis, or we follow up throughout the duration of your reuse project. We listen to your needs and propose a personalised offer in response to your expectations.

Contact our team for personalised advice. Click on this link to contact us https://ladecheteque.mu/contact/

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