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The circular economy will soon become the new norm for those who are aware of the importance of doing the right thing for our planet and our future generations.

Companies will have to align themselves with sustainable principles when designing, rehabilitating, renovating, or constructing a building.

La Déchetèque is a platform dedicated to raising awareness, understanding, promoting and working for the reuse of materials, which is one of the solutions for getting out of the linear economy.

Let’s stop wasting, reduce our carbon impact and reuse existing resources on the Mauritian territory, instead of throwing them away.

With the new Waste Management Act in preparation, announced by Kavi Ramano the Minister of Environment, it is time to take a close look at your company’s strategy in this field.

Our services

Waste diagnosis

Inventory of your company to understand and analyse the waste 

La Déchetèque offers personalised services to accompany companies in the stages of setting up a sustainable development strategy, through the principles of circular economy and the extension of the life cycle of products, at the heart of your concerns. is a digital marketplace but it is also a complete range of services. We specialise in the circular economy and in particular in the reuse of construction materials and equipment.

Convinced that the circular economy is the future of the building industry and that we can no longer build as we do, renovate or rehabilitate without thinking about the environmental impact of the materials, our mission is to reconcile environmental and economic benefits for our customers. 

  • Introduction

    We raise awareness and educate your teams about Sustainable Development and the general principles of the Circular Economy. This service takes place in the form of interactive workshops.

  • Waste diagnosis

    We start with an inventory of your company, to understand and analyse the waste you generate,

    We work in collaboration with your teams and adapt your needs to the size and number of sites in your company.

    Waste diagnosis

  • Resource diagnosis

    A key element in the process of recovering materials and products from deconstruction, the resource diagnosis allows us to identify and characterise those that can be re-used or re-purposed. It should be carried out as early as possible in the design process.

    Companies outside the construction sector should also take an interest in it, as it enables them to make use of resources that have not yet been identified as recoverable.

    The resources diagnosis is part of a circular economy scheme and allows you to complete the waste sorting already initiated, for the development of your teams towards total autonomy of all the company’s recoverable resources, through fixed and achievable objectives to accompany you.

  • Diagnosis PEMW

    It is dedicated to all companies having a project of deconstruction, renovation or rehabilitation of a premises. It is adapted to the entire building sector.

    It is recommended upstream of the worksite in order to anticipate the recoveries to be envisaged

    Its objective is to inventory and characterise the materials, products, equipment and waste on the site, their recovery and indicate recommendations for their removal and management for their recovery.

    We manage the follow-up of the re-use operation and the compilation of the follow-up data.

    Diagnosis PEMW

  • Temporary clearance operation

    with Espace Recup’R

    It is sometimes urgent to clear a storage area of materials left behind in view of a large planned worksite. It is time to free up space and reduce storage costs by reusing materials that have been in the attic for too long.

    To do this, we propose an unusual, ephemeral event in the form of a circular economy and recycling fair to promote your company’s image as a change maker and to attract a large public in search of materials.

    We organise a 2-day public event on your site and storage area to promote your leftovers by selling them to the general public.

    We ensure the inventory of your recoverable materials

    We ensure the storage of the stock in characterization of materials

    We ensure the setting up of the event within your company

    We take care of the advertising and marketing for the event and disseminate it on the networks and to all our existing customers.

On-site visit

We carry out an on-site visit in order to define the state of the materials and products selected at the previous stage and to determine their real potential for reuse, the available deposit and their characteristics. In addition, we propose one or more recovery solutions (reuse, reutilisation,recycling, enegetic valorisation) for each one.