The Company. Our core values. Our Beliefs.


    Save resources, reduce waste

    A renovation or a construction generates a huge amount of waste and requires a lot of raw materials. However, many discarded items still have potential: doors, sinks, tiles and many other components can escape the landfill center of Mare-Chicose, or the recently installed waste reception center and be upgraded by reuse in particular. .

    How to give a second life to materials? What are the implementations that will facilitate their reuse? How to reduce the share of site-related waste? All these questions are among the concerns of La Déchetèque.

    Come and discover how to actively participate in our own island by joining the platform to become a consumer actor.


    Offer an alternative solution to the purchase of new materials to reduce the environmental impact

    La Déchetèque is part of a sustainable economy and offers sober management of resources. Reuse is one of the most virtuous waste recovery, in terms of carbon impact equivalence.

    -Our solution measures daily the actions of our customers on the environment when they call for reuse.

    -Provide a second-hand building materials bank in Mauritius, open to individuals and professionals.

    -Raise awareness and train in alternative waste management; initiate research and prospecting procedures to structure and professionalize a sector of materials reuse through resale between users and thus reduce the quantity of waste to be treated.



    Collaborate in a circular economy approach

    You have the power to build the world of tomorrow.

    Our community of informed users as buyers or sellers is you!

    Together we can be the change maker of the world of tomorrow.

    The materials and equipment for sale on the marketplace are second-hand, either from excess stock, excess orders, or methodical deconstruction.

    Our solution is an economical and ecological alternative to the dumpster. Our ambition is to significantly reduce the production of waste in the building industry. Any other industry is welcome to display their material on the plateform.

    By using La Déchetèque for your construction projects, or your DIY projects, your artistic creations, you contribute to a more responsible economy and participate in the reduction of the extraction of raw materials, at the stage of manufacture and production which have a strong carbon impact for our planet.

    You are helping to implement the Circular economy in Mauritius.

Our Innovation

Digital at the service of reuse

La Déchetèque is above all a start-up. And who says start-up speaks of agility, innovation and speed. We offer a win-win digital solution. Our daily mission is to further improve the tools offered in order to facilitate the use of the platform, in any workplace and on all media.

We are constantly evolving our digital tool and service offerings to better meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us to give us your opinion or suggestion

Our added value

Save you time and money

The impact must be financial: Traditionally, construction sites are cost items and deconstruction regularly generates additional costs. So, if the reuse generates environmental benefits, these must be added to economic benefits, as well as social impact. Benefits which will at least offset the additional costs of removal.

As a seller you value your resources and obtain financial gain.

As a buyer you reduce the cost of the materials needed for your construction, or your artistic project or D.I.Y.

Thanks to the ease of use of the platform, you will save your research time or material removal thanks to the product characterization tools, in the form of a catalog, or multi search criteria, and location.

At La Déchetèque, we are convinced that the economic viability of reuse is a sine qua non for its generalization. As you will have understood, our daily actions focus on the profitability of the operations carried out.